Veljo Tormis: People of Kalevala

Finlandia 0630-12245-2

Recorded during January 1995 at the Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn, Estonia. Released in 1996.

Recording engineer: Maido Maadik; Recording Producer: Peeter Vähi; Cover concept: Everi Vähi (a fragment of Karelian rock drawings); Cover design: Marja Arvola; Inside layout: Pirkko Huttunen; Mastering: Mika Jussila; Executive producer & art direction: Jari Tiessalo.

Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)

Track 1. Varjele, jumala, soasta! (God, Protect us from War) for male chorus and tam-tam [Text in Finnish from Kanteletar II: 323,326] 1984 (5:08) Margus Vaht:tam-tam.

Track 2. Vepsa talv (Vepsian Winter) Vepsian chastouchkas (couplets) for male chorus [Text from Vepsian traditional sources adapted by Marje Joalaid] 1984 (4:44) Leo Saar, Aivar Kaldre, Urmas Põldma, Raul Mikson: solo vocals.

Track 3. Kokko lenti koillisesta (Eagle Flew From the Northeast) [Text from a traditional Karelian wedding song] 1982 (3:17)

Track 4. Katkuaja mälestus (Plague Memory) Ballad for two male choruses and a soloist [Text in Estonian by Jaan Kaplinski, based on Estonian folklore] 1973 (5:57) Urmas Põldma:tenor soloist.

Track 5. Väinämöise tarkussõnad (Väinämöinen's Words of Wisdom) [Text in Estonian translated from Kanteletar I: 90 by August Annist and Ruth Mirov] 1984 (3:18) Andres Paas:piano.

Track 6. Kalevalan 17. runo (The 17th Rune of "Kalevala") [Text in Finnish from Kalevala: 17th Rune] 1985 (33:47) Vello Mäeots:vocal & reciter; Mikk Üleoja:vocal; Endel Valkenklau:vocal & bull roarer; Tuule Kann, Piret Karras:5-string kantele; Raivo Vainula, Jüri-Ruut Kangur, Ülo Krigul Jun.:wooden bell; Ülo Krigul Snr.:rattle; Rein Mustasaar:buzz-bone; Olev Oja, Rauno Tagel, Hendrik Vestmann, Indrek Sarrap, Vambola Krigul, Anto Õnnis, Kristjan Kõrver:shaman drum.

Estonian National Male Choir / Ants Soots (1, 2), Ants Üleoja (3, 4), Olev Oja (5,6)

Commissions, Dedications and Awards

Kokko lenti koillisesta is dedicated to conductor Ensti Pohjola. Katkuaja mälestus is dedicated to conductor Olev Oja. Kalevalan 17. runo is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the publication of Kalevala.

Music Publishers

All of the works on this disc are published by Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab (previously Warner/Chappell Finland and/or Edition Fazer, Helsinki).

Other Points of Interest and Links

There are CD booklet notes in English, German (translation: Aazet Oy), and French (translation: Aazet Oy) with brief biographical information on Veljo Tormis, and on the subject of the six works on this disc, by ethnomusicologist Vaike Sarv. There is a separate note (also in English, German and French) on the history of the Estonian National Male Choir. Complete original texts (in Finnish, Vepsian, Karelian, or Estonian as applicable) are provided, together with their English translations by Kaja Kappel (Track 1), Kristin Kuutma (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5), and Keith Bosley (Track 6).